The Holistic Massage

Jeanette's Massage Testimonials

"Jeanette is a wonderful massage therapist! She is highly responsive to input, and she's able to work effectively in many modes (deep tissue, relaxation, focus on specific areas). I feel very comfortable with her, and she adapts to my changing preferences for level of conversation and atmosphere (candles, music, books on tape). Best of all is that Jeanette comes to my home, so I don't need to drive in my post-massage wooziness!"

"I have been an avid massage fan for years and I can honestly say without a doubt, that Jeanette is the best massage therapist I know. She has a sensitive energy about her that is healing and soothing. Jeanette is absolutely 100% attuned to the client's needs and she is professional and very skilled. I highly recommend her!"
Withheld, Santa Barbara CA

"Jeanette is an intuitive, knowledgeable and sensitive practitioner who gives an amazing massage. I have known Jeanette in different capacities over many years. She approaches every situation with passion and compassion and a desire to provide excellent results. I recommend her services wholeheartedly."
Sarah, Santa Barbara CA

Jeanette performed one of the most enjoyable and relieving massages I have ever received. I get them regularly and typically go to nice day spas, but was very impressed with the home service she provided in her warm, extremely cozy home at an amazing price. The value I receive is incomparable and I look forward to seeing her regularly. I would recommend Jeanette for all types of massage and to all ages.
Tyler, Santa Barbara, CA

“THANK YOU for coming to my rescue, Jeanette! After 3 days with an unbearable stiff and painful neck (and related headache), you saved me by coming to my work to give me a 20 minute neck/shoulder massage...right here at my desk! I'm grateful for your healing hands! (And the sweet scent of your lotion lingered in my office for days...mmmmm.)”
Dana, Santa Barbara, CA

“If I didn't live a hundred miles away, I'd be a regular patron. Your massage services are terrific as is your professionalism and relaxing demeanor. I recommend you to everyone I can!”
Russell, Venice Beach, CA

“Best massage I ever had, most definitely a whole healing experience. Wish I lived closer, would be a regular patron!! Maybe even do a trade!”
Julia, Paradise, CA